Sometimes the Little Things Are the Big Things

health May 21, 2024

Sometimes the little things are the big things.

And, sometimes it just takes a few small changes to add up to big results.

Here are ten fit tips that if implemented could add up to big changes in your health.

  1. Studies show that egg eaters lost 65% more weight than bagel-noshers with all 9 essential amino acids, protein packed eggs build muscle and burn fat.
  2. Elevate the Burn: skip the elevator and take the stairs to burn an extra 16,425 calories per year. Little choices add up.
  3. Carb Cravings: your body needs both complex and simple carbs to fuel workouts, top 1 slice whole grain toast with 1/2 sliced banana, 1 Tbsp nut butter & cinnamon for instant energy.
  4. After Burn: high intensity resistance training burns 18% more calories 24 hours post-workout than traditional strength training. Add cardio between sets to boost the burn.
  5. Coffee can improve cognitive function, increase dopamine levels and stimulate your workout 10-15% longer. Sip a cup before your workout for a java jolt of energy. Bonus: it's happiness in a cup!
  6. Pistachio Principle: studies show that noshing on nuts with shells to consume 41% fewer calories, they take longer to eat & shells are a visual cue of your intake.
  7. Tune In, Not Out: eating meals while watching TV results in consuming an average of 288 additional calories. Turn off the tube!
  8. All Rice: brown rice has 2x the fiber, but don't write off white rice. This fast-digesting carb is perfect post-workout, try sushi after you sweat.
  9. Drink Up: Sip two cups of water before eating to consume less. Your body can't tell the difference between hunger & thirst so drink up before you chow down.
  10. Be Mindful: don't pre-load your next bite - you'll savor your food more, eat slower & become full faster. Research shows you will also eat less.

Take a few minutes and determine which ones you will incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Share them with my on the Inspire Me to Health Facebook Page.

Until next time...Take Care of You!

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