Dieting & Self-Image

self-image Sep 12, 2023

Do you spend your time dieting and obsessing about your weight?

A better body and better body image is a worthwhile goal if you're truly overweight. If you're susceptible to diabetes or heart disease or some other weight-related disorder, getting in shape is in your best interest. But, a negative body image can make you self-conscious, socially anxious and depressed. It can erode your self-esteem and the quality of your life. And sometimes the achievement of looking good can get so demanding that you miss out on connections with others.

If you are stuck in the body trap of low self-esteem/bad body image syndrome, there are things that you can do to get out of it:

Realize that weight isn't everything - Focusing on body weight and dieting can leave little room for other things that can make you feel good about yourself.

Expand your persona - Look for what is unique and valuable about you.

Slower is better - Losing weight only to regain it takes a toll on your self-image. To lose weight slowly, you have to make sustained changes in behaviors. By losing slowly, you don't set yourself up for the inevitable regain.

Walk more, eat less - Exercise burns calories, controls appetite, promotes weight loss and boosts self-esteem.

Take pride in your progress - Don't wait until you lose weight to buy new clothes or nicer things. You have to live your life as it is now. Treating yourself well now enables you to feel better about yourself and more willing to take care of yourself.

In the pursuit of thinness, many of us commit to impossible diets and unrealistic exercise regimens. Eventually we buckle under. We eat the forbidden foods and skip the workouts - and end up feeling even worse about ourselves.

Compounding the problem, is the fact that restrictive diets and exercise regimens can leave little room for other things that can make us feel good about ourselves - like the companionship and support of other people.

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