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whole body vibration Feb 20, 2024

Have you ever tried a whole body vibration machine? You may be surprised about the health benefits of whole body vibration.

Whole body vibration forces the muscles to contract reflexively and assist with weight loss and muscle building.  Many whole body vibration systems come with red light therapy, which has been found to help with fat loss, pain relief, improving neuropathy and other autoimmune conditions.

Users report that the whole body vibration feels similar to a massage, and red light therapy can be a welcome warming addition to workouts.

Research has shown that participants using whole body vibration had significant amounts of fat loss. One study of middle-aged obese women found that vibration training, along with a diet program, was as effective as an aerobic program and a diet program over a nine-month period.

Researchers also determined that participants who went through vibration training for six weeks had a significant decrease in their systolic blood pressure compared to a control group.

Also, a study on progressive resistance training and vibration found that vibration, along with strength training, improved the walking ability and muscle strength of participants with multiple sclerosis.

While generally considered safe, vibration machines may not be for everyone. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider before trying vibration machines, especially if you have health issues or are pregnant. People who are at high risk of falling should stick to exercises where they can lie down or sit rather than stand.

The positive effects of vibration machines go beyond fitness. Some users report better lymphatic drainage, which can lower overall swelling and improve toxin reduction. Others have seen less back pain, reduced bone loss, and improvements in balance and strength.

You can find whole body vibration machines in some gyms and health clubs, but they are also available to purchase for home use.

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