Initial Changes for Healthy Eating

sugar Oct 24, 2023

You've heard them all before, but sometimes it's good to get reminders.

Here's a list of initial changes that you can make to begin eating healthier, and more importantly, begin feeling better:

  1. Boost your water intake - According to a study of more than 34,000 people, drinking at least five glasses of water a day is associated with an approximately 50% decreased risk of heart attack and stroke compared to consumption of only two glasses of water daily.
  2. Eat more vegetables - New research comes out every day demonstrating how crucial consuming vegetables is to preventing cancer and other diseases. Many people report an increase level of energy directly proportionate to their increase of vegetables.
  3. Increase the amount of raw foods you consume - Choose raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds. You can enjoy raw foods in the forms of salads, freshly made juices, and snacks of raw nuts or seeds.
  4. Try to have some protein at every meal - You may be surprised how the addition of protein at every meal can make a tremendous difference in your energy, mood and food cravings.
  5. Reduce the refined flours and sugars in your diet - These foods are low in nutrients and high in empty calories. Eating this way can result in nutritional deficiencies contributing to food cravings, low energy, obesity, and degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
  6. Go organic whenever possible - Since people in this century are the first to consume foods laden with pesticide residues, we do not fully know what the health consequences will be. These chemicals are foreign and taxing to our bodies.

Just start small and incorporate these few changes into your diet. You will be surprised at how much better you will begin to feel.

When I decided to change my diet, I started with sugar. It's the number one culprit for many people. It has been said that if you can get your sugar habit under control, everything else from eating healthier to losing weight will fall into place.

Join me for the Low-Sugar Challenge beginning on November 1st.

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