What your face can tell you about your health, your relationships, and your past


What does your face say about you?

Did you know that everything you do and everything that happens to you can have a lasting impact on your body?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are 9 different face shapes that will explain your communication style, help to explain how you like to learn and how you can be successful with your health journey. The identification of your face shape gives you permission to be who you truly are.

The right side of your face is often seen as the "outer, public self - what others see about you. The left side of your face is often seen as the "true, inner private self."

Find out what your face says about you:

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Have you ever wondered what others see when they look at you?

The face can tell you so many things. It can tell what type of relationships you have. It can tell what health ailments you may be dealing with, and it can tell you about your past.