June Podcast Recap

mind-body connection perfectionism Jul 11, 2023

In June, the  Living Life Beyond the Couch Podcast was Focused on the Good, The Mind-Body Connection, what it means by Being on a Constant Diet, and Perfectionism.

Here is a recap of June's podcasts, in case you missed them. You can listen by simply clicking the titles below of each podcast.

Focus on the Good - Rather than focusing on food, we focused on crowding out the negativity that goes on around us today. I'm sharing 12 tips to find balance, health & happiness.

The Mind-Body Connection - In this podcast episode, I'm sharing three benefits of connecting with your body. It reminds us that hunger is normal and teaches you to learn to trust your intuition and your hunger.

Being on a Constant Diet - Building a nourishing relationship with food is as much, if not more about how you eat than what you eat. Mindful eating means eating with intention or purpose - in particular to nourish both mind and body - and paying attention to current eating habits in the moment, without judgment.

Perfectionism - Have you ever just said to yourself...I am in control? I like to think that...and some days I am, but there are some days that I just lose it. What usually gets me in trouble are the thoughts in my head. Those same thoughts that I have always had around not being enough, not being good enough, not being healthy enough, not exercising enough. Enough is enough already!

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