Living Life Beyond the Couch Podcast - July Recap

living life beyond the couch podcast Aug 01, 2023

July's Living Life Beyond the Couch Podcasts were about nurturing, procrastination and gut health.

Here's a recap in case you missed them:

Podcast Episode #33 - You Nurture Others, But Who Nurtures You? -  We, as women spend so much time nurturing and taking care of others, but who nurtures and takes care of us? I hope you already know the answer to that question and you are taking the time needed to nurture and take care of yourself. It’s so important!

Self-care is absolutely essential to an incredible life – when you fill your cup first, you can give to others authentically

This podcast episode provides tools you can use to introduce self-care into your life.

Podcast Episode #34 - Do you procrastinate? too! - Google says that many people procrastinate because they are afraid of failing at the tasks they need to complete. I never thought about it that way, but every time I procrastinate, I try to remember to ask myself why, and most of the time it’s not because I’m afraid of something, it’s because I simply don’t want to do that thing in the first place, but feel like I have to.

In this podcast episode, I am sharing with you some things that help me get past the procrastination struggle.

Podcast Episode #35 - Gut Health - As a Health Coach, I get a lot of questions about gut health.

This podcast episode talks about the common gut issues and the symptoms for those issues. I also share things that you can do right away to decrease those gut issues.

One of the things that I did was get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to help identify the vitamins and minerals that my body was missing due to an unhealthy gut. You can learn more about a Hair Analysis here.

I hope you will spend some time in August Taking Care of You!

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can tell you the vitamins & minerals that your body may be lacking.

It can also tell if you have one or more of the six common toxic metals that are so prevalent in our environment today.

It will show you what foods your body needs more of and the foods you need to consume less of, as well as the exact vitamins & minerals that your body needs.

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